Decor Armor

coming to ´We ❤ roleplay´on the 4th


Decor Armor

just because I love this site so much:



There is a girl dozing on a subway. She is dressed in grey and yellow, her hair is black and tangled like grass. Her head is leaning against the metal bar, her brain spinning with the rumble of the train, her face is a pale mask against the darkness of the window and her dark hair. She rubs her arm absentmindedly, her eyes fluttering open for a few seconds, then falling. She sleeps for the next two stops, then steps off the train, her feet dragging as she picks a direction to go.

After she leaves my thoughts return to my worries. I shut my eyes in the hope that I can too find a moment of peace, but the rocking of the train does nothing to help. My reflection in the window looks tired. I don’t like my haircut. My attention shifts as I focus on the song in my head. If I could just get it out; I try forcing it, then teasing it, but its stubborn. Destined to die in my thoughts, half formed, taunting me with its unrealised beauty.

*Author unknown*


2 comments on “Decor Armor

  1. Beautiful as always my friend. Great site too. Wish we had some rain here now to cool down. 😛

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